Vietnamese cultural identity promoted through Asia Day 2022

Wednesday, 05/10/2022 16:51
"Asia Day 2022" has been officially organized by the Vietnamese Embassy and the embassies of Japan, Indonesia and China in Slovakia, and the administration of Bratislava capital in the capital on October 1, after 2 years of suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
An art performance by overseas Vietnamese at the event (Photo: VOV)

This is the 4th time "Asia Day" has been held in Bratislava capital to honor cultural identity, promoting Asian tourism and cuisine to Slovak people and international tourists.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to Slovakia Nguyen Tuan affirmed that the festival's activities were conditions to honor the cultural identities of the countries, tighten the feelings and relations among embassies and together develop friendly relations with the country and people of the Slovak Republic towards peace, cooperation and prosperity.

Ambassadors of Japan, Indonesia and China affirmed that they always attach great importance to cooperation with Slovakia, as well as cooperation among Asian countries, contributing to create the image of a friendly and hospitable Asia, which is ready to be a friend and a reliable partner with Slovakia.

Mr. Pavol Demes, former Foreign Minister of Slovakia, affirmed that Slovakia attaches great importance to relations with Asian countries, including Vietnam, especially in the context that Slovakia is facing many regional challenges, high inflation, high prices of energy and food. He believes that cooperation with Asia will open a new direction for Slovakia in the coming period.

At the ceremony, Ms. Lubica Hutka, in charge of culture at Bratislava City Hall, affirmed that Asian people are playing an increasingly important role in the city, contributing significantly to the process of socio-economic building and development and becoming an integral part of the city.

At the event, the participants had an opportunity to watch art performances and martial arts of Japan, Indonesia, China and Vietnam, as well as traditional dishes of Asian countries./.