Vietnamese culture promoted in Netherlands

Saturday, 26/11/2022 18:48
The spouse of the Ambassador, diplomats and female diplomats of the Vietnamese Embassy on November 22 coordinated with the members in the ASEAN Ladies Circle in the Netherlands to organize a program to introduce culture to female Ambassadors and spouses of the diplomatic corps in the Netherlands.
The spouse of the Vietnamese Ambassador and female diplomats at the event (Photo: 

In addition to participating in collective performances such as ASEAN dance, the spouses and female diplomats of the Vietnamese Embassy performed in traditional long dress (Ao Dai), four-part dress, and Hmong ethnic costumes.

The Spouse of the Vietnamese Ambassador introduced the Ao Dai, the traditional dress of most Vietnamese women, the ingenuity of the tailor, with meticulous embroidery to create soft and unique motifs imbued with Vietnamese character.

In addition, hand-made accessories such as sedge, rattan and bamboo bags are combined with Ao Dai and national costumes, contributing to a Vietnamese style, which is discreet, harmonious, soft, graceful and environmentally friendly. That is also the highlight that makes the guests feel love and friendliness with the Ao Dai of Vietnam.

After the performance, many guests came to learn more about the Ao Dai, the sedge bag and the silver ring that were carved very delicately by artisans. Many people were interested in the address of a tailor in the Netherlands, hoping to have a charming Ao Dai like Vietnamese women. At the end of the program, the guests enjoyed some delicious dishes, imbued with the culinary flavors of ASEAN countries.

The event ended with a fashion show that cleverly combined the typical cultural features of ASEAN countries and attracted the participation of the main female editor of The Diplomat Magazine.

Although it was the first event the ASEAN Ladies Circle in the Netherlands organized in this form, the program created a good impression on the guests about the beauty of each country's culture, contributing to spreading a message to international friends about the unity and cohesion of ASEAN member countries./.