Vietnamese Embassy organizes trip "Following Uncle Ho's footsteps" in France

Wednesday, 28/09/2022 16:19
The Vietnamese Embassy in France recently organized a trip "Following Uncle Ho's footsteps" to the two cities of Le Havre and Sainte Adresse, where President Ho Chi Minh lived and worked in 1911-1912.
The delegation at the house where President Ho Chi Minh used to work Saint-Adresse city
(Photo: VNA) 

The delegation visited and offered flowers in memory of President Ho Chi Minh at No.1 Admiral Courbet Street in Le Havre city, and the house where President Ho Chi Minh used to work in Saint-Adresse city.

Speaking at a reception for the delegation, Mayor of Saint-Adresse city Hubert Dejean de La Batie highlighted the close bilateral relations between France and Vietnam, saying that there are deep connections between the two nations, not only in diplomatic ties but also their great friendship and solidarity.

He hoped that the relationship between the two nations, as well as between Vietnam and Saint Adresse, will develop more strongly, becoming a symbol of cooperation, peace and friendship in the world.

The Mayor also said that the plan to build a memorial site dedicated to President Ho Chi Minh at the house where he used to work has received support, and expressed his determination to promote the project.

For his part, Ambassador Dinh Toan Thang affirmed that throughout France, places where President Ho Chi Minh once visited have all become historical places attached to the Vietnamese people.

Le Havre or Saint-Adresse is not only famous for its beautiful seaport and landscape, but also known for its history associated with President Ho Chi Minh.

The Ambassador hoped Le Havre and Saint Adresse, as well as other French localities, will join in organizing activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties and 10 years of the strategic partnership between Vietnam and France in 2023./.