Vietnamese-imbued space at Vietnam’s Field Hospital in South Sudan

Thursday, 11/08/2022 11:52
The space to welcome international guests at Level-2 Field Hospital No.4 focuses on famous landmarks, cultural features and true images of Vietnamese people.
Images about Vietnam decorated at the Level-2 Field Hospital No.4 (Photo: Level-2 Field Hospital No.4) 

Recently, under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Do Thi Hang Nga, Deputy Military Director of Level-2 Field Hospital No.4, the women's group, the carpenters’ group, and the youth union members of Level-2 Field Hospital No.4 coordinated with the Ghana police unit to upgrade and decorate the space to welcome international guests, in order to promote the image of the country and people of Vietnam to friends in five continents.

With the help of artist Emmanuel Anaman from Ghanaian FPU unit, a twinning unit of the Level-2 Field Hospital No.4, the members of the hospital promoted creativity and ingenuity, recreating the image of the Vietnamese countryside through paintings of Hoan Kiem Lake, The Huc Bridge, lotuses, peach blossom, apricot blossom, Chung cake or traditional Vietnamese dishes, creating a display space for artifacts imbued with Vietnamese folklore imprints.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Do Thi Hang Nga, Mr. Emmanuel Anaman from the Ghanaian police unit was formerly a patient of the hospital.

During his time at the hospital, he conveyed his affection for Vietnamese doctors and nurses through paintings of his homeland's landscapes, with African features drawn by his own hands, for those who had helped him to recover his health.

At present, the inanimate windows, dry sheets of paper have now had Vietnamese soul breathed into them by "non-specialist artists" who are members of the Level-2 Field Hospital No.4, expressing the desire for a peaceful, happy, united and affectionate world for all peoples on the globe./.