Vietnamese language teaching strengthened at Laos’ Military Hospital 103

Monday, 07/11/2022 11:02
The Vietnamese Embassy in Laos recently coordinated with the Military Hospital 103 of Laos to hold a closing ceremony of the 5th course and the opening ceremony of the 6th course of the basic Vietnamese language class for officials, staff and health workers at the hospital.
Representative of the Vietnamese Embassy in Laos and students
of the 5th basic Vietnamese training course (Photo: VNA) 

After 8 months of study, 37 students of the 5th course of the basic Vietnamese class at the hospital are all able to communicate in Vietnamese language, with 22 students achieving certificates of excellence.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Savengxay Salasath, Director of the Military Hospital 103, expressed his sincere thanks to the Vietnamese Embassy in Laos for collaborating with the hospital to open Vietnamese language classes for officials and staff and health workers there.

According to Dr. Savengxay, Vietnam and Laos are two countries with a special friendship.

Laos’ Military Hospital 103 and Vietnam’s Military Hospital 108 have long had a close twinning relationship. The two hospitals always support, exchange and share experiences in specialized work. Therefore, the demand for learning Vietnamese of the officials, staff and health workers of Laotian Military Hospital 103 is very large, he added.

Currently, besides health workers who have been trained in basic Vietnamese language and studied specialized subject in Vietnam, who can use Vietnamese very well, there are still many health workers who need to use Vietnamese language in their work but have not had the opportunity to be trained in Vietnamese.

Dr. Savengxay emphasized, the opening of basic Vietnamese classes for officials, staff, and health workers at the hospital not only partially meets the needs of the hospital, but also helps the hospital have more Vietnamese-speaking staff to appoint to be further trained at Vietnam’s Military Hospital 108 in the coming time.

Since its launch in 2016, the program has organized five basic Vietnamese training courses for about 300 students, including 2 advanced training courses.

The 6th basic Vietnamese training course, opened on November 3, will have 60 students.

Laos’ Military Hospital 103, located in the capital Vientiane, is the last-line central hospital of the Lao People's Army with modern scientific and technological equipment./.