At the roundtable conference (Photo: 

A Russia-Vietnam roundtable conference themed "Cultural practice in educational activities of the school" took place at the Saint Petersburg Special School No. 144 on October 1, 2021. The event was organized on the initiative and with the support of the Committees for Education and Foreign Affairs of the Government of St. Petersburg.

The Vietnamese delegation working at the school included Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hung, Director of the Russia-Vietnam Cooperation Development Support Fund "Traditions and Friendship", and Ms. Pham Thanh Xuan, Member of the Standing Board of the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Russia, and Head of the Department of Women, Families and Children.

At the meeting, Mr. Vyacheslav Gennadievich Kalganov, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs, and Head of the Department of Information and Relations with International Organizations, spoke about the prospect of Russia-Vietnam relations.

The Board of leaders of the school discussed with the participants of the roundtable conference a plan to develop the relationship between the educational institutions of St. Petersburg and Vietnam, the possibility of studying Vietnamese language and culture on the basis of Lyceum School No. 144. Within the framework of this event, guests attended classes on technology and English.

On the same day, the students of the Saint Petersburg Special School No. 144 met and spoke with the guests of the roundtable conference. The school is considering the possibility of including Vietnamese language in the curriculum as part of the supplementary education program. In order to help the school's students better understand Vietnam, Principal Lolita Fedorova decided to conduct a meeting in this form. At the event, the students performed famous Russian songs, learned Vietnamese dances, and watched movies about Vietnam.

On the same day, Vice Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs of Saint Petersburg Vyacheslav Kalganov and the chief expert of the Committee for Education Natalya Mikhailova discussed with Principal Lolita Fedorova and Vice Principal Karina Weitz the cooperation prospects with Vietnamese schools, including the ability to study Vietnamese language and culture./.