Vietnamese-origin artists in UK organizes exhibition on memories about homeland

Thursday, 27/04/2023 15:16
Vietnamese-origin artists in the United Kingdom (UK) are organizing an exhibition titled “No place like home” at the Museum of the Home in Hackney district in East London to share their memories and experiences about the homeland.
Visitors at the exhibition (Photo: VNA) 

The exhibition, which opened on April 19, is the continuation of Vietnamese-origin artists’ journey to explore their homeland that started in 2022 and it has attracted a large number of visitors from different groups and ages, especially young Vietnamese.

Items displayed at the exhibition reflect typical things, landscapes, and images of Vietnam the past, traditional meals that connect family generations, and traditional foods deeply intertwined with the memory of Vietnam and the Vietnamese identity that parents want to pass down to future generations in the places they have settled down.

The main room showcases object-based works on a low white table, inviting viewers to sit on bamboo carpets to engage with the works.

A space featuring a traditional-style altar of Vietnamese people also shows visitors a typical image of the country.

Visitors are greeted by a striking urban landscape installation constructed from Vietnamese plastic stools, highlighting the psychogeography of migrant populations.

During the exhibition, workshops, tea parties and food sharing have been organized.

The event will last until July 11./.