The festival was held in the city of Ústí nad Labem in the Ústecký region in the north of the Czech Republic.

The festival is an annual event, aimed at creating a chance for foreigners in the Czech Republic to introduce the traditional culture, cuisines and unique customs of their homeland to international friends.

An art performance of Vietnam at the event (Photo: VNA)

According to Mr. Le Nam Thang, President of an art club of the Vietnamese community in Usti nad Labem city, although members of the club were busy with their businesses, they still spent time preparing special performances for the festival with the desire to promote the unique and distinctive features of Vietnamese culture.

Mr. Le Quyet Tien, Vice Chairman of the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Teplice city, said Vietnam's performances received special attention from the audience.

Vietnamese dishes such as spring rolls, moon cakes, coffee and tea were also introduced by the Vietnamese community at the festival, he said, adding that all proceeds are donated to the local Giac Vien pagoda for charitable activities.

Tien said that the festival creates opportunities for other communities in the Czech Republic to understand more about Vietnamese people and culture.

According to Mr. Petr Nedvědický, Mayor of Usti nad Labem city, there are 8,000 Vietnamese in the Ústecký region, adding that the local administration and people respect and love the Vietnamese people who live and work in Usti nad Labem, and are eager to discover the unique culture of Vietnamese people.

The mayor also expressed his sincere thanks to the Vietnamese community for joining hands with the Czech government and people to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by sewing and donating masks, and donating medical equipment and necessities for medical staff and relevant forces during the outbreak of the pandemic.

For his part, Vietnamese Ambassador to the Czech Republic Thai Xuan Dung thanked the local administration for creating favourable conditions for the Vietnamese community.

The Ambassador said that the Czech Republic has 14 ethnic groups, while Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups. Therefore, the integration of the Vietnamese community will contribute to enriching the unique features of the Czech people, he added./.