Gifts presented to people in difficulty in Phnom Penh (Photo: VNA)

In an interview with the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Phnom Penh, Mr. Le Manh Hung, owner of Hoa Sen restaurant, said that the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has put many people in Cambodia, especially the poor, into very difficult circumstances.

Through Hoa Sen restaurant, a number of Vietnamese businesses doing business in Cambodia and benefactors have regularly presented gifts to support the poor twice a month.

Discussing the business activities of Hoa Sen Restaurant and a number of Vietnamese businesses, Mr. Hung said that implementing regulations of the Phnom Penh city government on services allowing them to operate during the isolation and blockade period, Hoa Sen restaurant has sold its goods online and delivered goods through delivery services.

Thanks to this method, hot bowls of pho, traditional Vietnamese dishes and Vietnamese services still reach customers in Phnom Penh.

As the COVID-19 pandemic in Cambodia and Phnom Penh capital continues to be complicated, and Vietnamese people here face many difficulties, the help and support of benefactors show the affection of the compatriots of Vietnamese people far from the homeland./.