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This program takes place from the 2nd week of September to the end of September at universities that have a Vietnamese Student Association.

Based on the assessment of the pandemic situation in RoK, the organizers of the program have selected a number of universities with a large number of Vietnamese students and located in areas with complicated development of the pandemic to distribute face masks at this time.

Members of the VSAK Executive Committee directly assisted the Vietnamese Student Association of universities to distribute face masks to students to ensure the distribution under the regulations on current isolation and safely for both distributors and receivers.

So far, the program has distributed over 6,000 face masks to Vietnamese students in RoK. This is a small but practical gift, containing the warm feelings and mutual support spirit of overseas Vietnamese students.

More than six months after launching, up to now, the program "Vietnamese students in RoK - Joining hands against the COVID-19 pandemic" carried out by VSAK has helped thousands of Vietnamese students feel secure to study and live in RoK./.