"For Vietnamese people, differences in language, culture and job finding habits are among the biggest obstacles in looking for a job in Japan. Moreover, in 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic limits job finding support activities for students at universities, while enterprises gradually turn to interviews to recruit candidates online. That's why VPJ carries out this program,” said Ms. Dinh Thi Thanh Thanh, a member of "VPJ Mentoring Program 2020".

Since September 9, "VPJ Mentoring Program 2020" has the participation of 19 students who are going to graduate and those who want to change their jobs. Over more than three months of implementation, the participants have been advised by VPJ experts on how to edit their resumes, complete a personal presentation challenge video, and provide instructions on how to answer interviews and share tips to win scores with recruiters.

Through challenges from the organizing board and comments from experts, the candidates have recognized their strengths and weaknesses in order to prepare thoroughly for the job application process in Japan. The program ended on December 21 with a mock interview with the participation of guests who are currently working in human resource vacancies in companies in Japan.

Evaluation of “VPJ Mentoring Program 2020”, Thai Hai Ngan, a participant in this program, shared:

“I registered to participate in this program because I wanted to improve my job application skills. I am in the process of changing jobs, but my experience in applying for jobs and interviews in Japan is not much. During the process of joining the program, I had a real interview with a Japanese recruitment company and received much useful advice from this expert," shared Thai Hai Ngan, a participant of the “VPJ Mentoring Program 2020”.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Kieu Vy, a third-year Vietnamese student studying in Japan, said that “VPJ Mentoring Program 2020” helped her discover herself. The VPJ experts not only helped her understand her strengths and weaknesses, but also guided her to exploit them.

VPJ was established in 2017 in order to connect the Vietnamese community and is a bridge to share experiences and career development opportunities, contributing to enhancing the value of the Vietnamese community in Japan. In recent years, VPJ has hosted or participated in organizing many events to help connect Vietnamese people in Japan, such as Vietnam Intellectual Forum in Japan 2019 and a seminar entitled "Career Sharing"./.