Speaking at the opening of the congress, Mr. Tran Thien Quang, President of VSAK, term VII, said that over the past term, VSAK has successfully organized many events such as Tet Holiday 2020, 2021, scientific conference ACVYS 2019, Online Scientific Conference 2021, Sports Congress and Student Day.

Delegates at the congress (Photo: VNA)

According to Mr. Tran Thien Quang, in line with regulations against the COVID-19 pandemic in RoK for nearly two years, VSAK has made positive innovations in organization, creating online programs such as a video clip creation contest and the Special webinar of ICT industry 2020 with the theme "Current development situation and RoK-Vietnam cooperation."

“These programs have stimulated creativity and provided new knowledge and opened up new opportunities for students. These online programs have not only attracted Vietnamese students in RoK, but also drawn Vietnamese students and young intellectuals from around the world,” said Mr. Quang.

VSAK has also mobilized hundreds of scholarships for students and doctoral students, connected a support network for finding jobs, and helped students have more sources of support during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a driving force to help them successfully complete their studies as well as work.

In addition, in recent years, Vietnamese Student Association in RoK has also organized a lot of support and volunteer activities towards the homeland, affirming the development of the VSAK in leading Vietnamese students in RoK to participate in community activities, uniting and looking toward the homeland.

On this occasion, Vietnamese Ambassador to RoK Nguyen Vu Tung shared of the difficulties of students in the host country, encouraged, advised and answered some questions from students attending the congress.

The congress elected the new Executive Board including 30 members. Mr. Tran Thien Quang was reelected as the President of the association for the new term.

In 2021, the VSAK is the only overseas Vietnamese student association worldwide to achieve excellent results and receive the excellent emulation flag from the Central Executive Committee of the Vietnamese Student Union./.