Webinar on overseas Vietnamese affairs to gather 500 delegates

Wednesday, 29/06/2022 11:14
The upcoming conference on implement the Politburo’s Conclusion regarding overseas Vietnamese affairs aims to ensure the coherence in awareness and actions among agencies and organizations and enhance their understanding of the significance of the matter to great national unity.

Overseas Vietnamese delegation offered incense to Hung Kings in April 2022 (Photo: baoquocte.vn) 

The information was released by Ambassador Ngo Trinh Ha, Vice Chairman of the State Commission for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs.

Accordingly, the online conference will have participation of more than 500 delegates from ministries, sectors and localities at all levels in 200 places both inside and outside the country.

In addition, it further clarifies specific solutions to deal with problems and shortcomings in overseas Vietnamese affairs, showing the sentiments and responsibility of the Party and State towards the overseas Vietnamese community.

According to Ambassador Ha, the document underlines that fostering great national solidarity is among the major tasks of the country in the coming time, adding that the Foreign Ministry is working with other ministries and sectors to build a project to enhance national solidarity among the Vietnamese people inside and outside the country, while taking actions to care for the Vietnamese community abroad.

He emphasized that the work has never received so much attention and active coordination as present and adding that this is an important premise to implement the work more comprehensively and strongly as required by the 13th National Party Congress, thus promoting the strength of the great national solidarity bloc, contributing to realizing the aspiration and development vision of the country in the new period.

Currently, there are about 5.3 million Vietnamese people living and working in 130 countries and territories, of which more than 80% are in developed countries./.