Young overseas Vietnamese in Netherlands celebrate Lunar New Year of Cat

Thursday, 12/01/2023 16:52
Young overseas Vietnamese in the Netherlands recently gathered to learn how to make Chung (square glutinous rice) cake – the soul of Tet (Lunar New Year Festival), which is the biggest traditional holiday of Vietnam in the year.
At the event (Photo: VNA) 

The event was jointly organised by the Vietnamese Embassy in the Netherlands and the Vietnamese Language Studies in La Haye

Making the food on the occasion of the traditional New Year has gradually become a habit, an activity of many young overseas Vietnamese to help them have a better understanding about their roots, recall old memories in the homeland, and feel the warmth of Tet atmosphere.

All the ingredients for the cake such as glutinous rice, green beans, pork, pepper, and fish sauce have been imported from Vietnam.

Tet will take place from January 21-25 this year (the last day of the last lunar month to the fourth day of the first lunar month of the year)./.