Recent years, Vietnamese youngsters have paid more attention to study about the ancient clothes of Vietnam called Viet Clothes. Many entertainment projects that use Viet Clothes have continuously been organised, which emphasized the strength of this movement.

Therefore, on the first days of 2021, VNC published a video named “Strange Vietnamese – 1,000 years of Viet Clothes” on their official YouTube channel. In this video, based on existing reliable evidence, they recreated Vietnam ancient clothes in different periods.

This project has attracted thousands of followers and attention from youngsters while Vietnamese ancient clothes appear more and more on many genres of art such as painting, music and movies.

In the over-three-minute video, the audience may feel interested to see how the at once strange and familiar look of Vietnamese ancient clothes since Ly, Tran – Later Le, Revival Le, and Nguyen Dynasties are gradually recreated. They may feel familiar with the smile with black teeth and the five-part with stiff collar dress (the former version of modern long dress). They may feel strange with the short hair of females in Tran Dynasty which is very “active” and ways of mixing clothes that some people may think is impossible to exist in Vietnam.

The video is based on existing reliable evidence such as texts in Complete Annals of Dai Viet, Collection of Poems in Giao Chau, “Kien van tieu luc”, and Chu Khu Phi's descriptions. From now until the end of January, VNC will continue to post images of each clothes set along with the explanation on their fanpage in order to bring more detailed information about each kind of clothes.

“When mentioning Vietnam, international friends and many Vietnamese only seem to know about the war. That fact breaks our hearts due to such a radiant culture which has been accelerated through a thousand years in Asia,” a representative of VNC stated as the reason why they run their passionate project./.