The online program, held by the Collectif Vietam-Dioxine, lasted for 36 hours, from 2pm of August 9 to 3am of August 11 (Vietnamese time). It included talks, discussions, documentary screening and interviews, focusing on AO/dioxin consequences and calling for support from people worldwide to the struggle for justice for the Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin.

Overview the meeting (Photo: VNA)

Nearly 50 volunteers, mostly young overseas Vietnamese in France, spent nearly two months preparing for the program, which attracted hundreds of thousands of views and interactions on social networks.

Moreover, they also received 7,300 signatures advocating the lawsuit filed by Tran To Nga, a Vietnamese living in France, against the US chemical companies that provided chemical toxics for the US army during the war in Vietnam, leading to a health disaster for her and her compatriots.

Besides, 5,400 EUR was collected for the fund for AO/dioxin victims in Vietnam during that program.

Speaking at the meeting with young Vietnamese expatriates, Vietnamese Ambassador to France Nguyen Thiep said the organization of the program reflected their patriotism and wish to share the pain and loss suffered by nearly 5 million AO/dioxin victims in the homeland.

The ambassador emphasized that the Vietnamese Government has been making utmost efforts to address war consequences, including those related to AO/dioxin, noting that more than 3 million ha of forest land had been destroyed by the toxic and it has impacted not only the nature but also health of many generations of Vietnamese people.

He said that to protect people’s health, Vietnam has completely banned the use of chemical products derived from dioxin or glyphosate since 2019. It has also boosted coordination with the US to clean up AO/dioxin-contaminated areas like Bien Hoa and Da Nang airports.

Mr. Nguyen Thiep said the Vietnamese Embassy in France has consistently been assisting the fierce legal fight for justice for AO/dioxin victims, including Nga, the last direct victim to launch a lawsuit to seek justice for herself and other victims.

According to the ambassador, at the 19th trial on Nga’s lawsuit in late June, the judge decided to open a hearing at the crown court of Evry on October 12./.