Moc Chau town in the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh is entering the most beautiful season of the year when apricot and plum trees in local people’s gardens begin to shed leaves and bloom. These flowers are pure white, blooming on tiny branches like snowflakes.

Plum trees are planted in Na Ka Valley, covering about 100 hectares. The valley is about 6-7 km from the Heart tea hill and 16 km from the Farm town.

Each plum garden is owned by local people, so visitors must pay an entrance fee of 20,000 VND a person.

Unlike the apricot tree, the plum tree is lower, so it is easy for visitors to take pictures with the forest.

Plum flowers bloom in clusters on the stem with their petals being thin, white instead of milky white and having yellow pistils like apricot flowers. When it's windy, the petals flutter, creating a poetic scene like falling snow. When the flowers fall, the tree begins the cycle of fruiting, and the leaves grow green.

The weather in Moc Chau these days is cold, foggy in the early morning and late at night, but sunny at noon. This is also the time when many tourists come to the garden to take the best souvenir photos.

In early spring, plum blossoms bloom simultaneously, dyeing the mountains and hills white. Some other flower viewing spots are Mu Nau plum valley, pine hill in Ang village, and Pa Phach village. Many tourists set up camp right in plum gardens to enjoy this space.

Visitors can rent traditional costumes of local people for 50,000 - 100,000 VND a set.

In addition to apricot and plum flowers, during this season, Moc Chau also has mustard flowers and cherry blossoms in full bloom. Suggested places to see the flowers are the pine forest of Ban Ang, Ham village, Pa Phach village or Chieng Khoa (Van Ho)./.

BTA (Photo: Vnexpress)