Kazakhstan has a unique climate. Its temperature changes during the year can be up to 100 degrees. The maximum temperature in the capital Nursultan is + 42.6 ° C, and the minimum is - 51.6 ° C.

Kazakhstan has 131 ethnic groups and nationalities.

Medeo, the world's largest high-mountain skating rink at an altitude of 1,691m above sea level, is located 16km from Almaty. It has set 170 world records.

Kok-Tobe, the highest TV tower in the world, is one of the most earthquake-resistant structures.
Kazakhstan also has the highest chimney, listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

The Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve, located in Astana city, is included in the UNESCO list. It attracted 35,000 tourists per year.

Baikonur is the world's first and largest cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The first cosmonaut flight
was made and the world's first artificial satellites of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon were launched from Baikonur.

The Charyn Canyon (154 km long), is located 200km east of Almaty, along the river. It is often compared to the American Grand Canyon in Colorado, in terms of its uniqueness and beauty.

The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the youngest and largest museum in Central Asia. It is also one of the ten largest exhibitions in the world.

Bich Lien - Thu Lan (Photo: Embassy of Kazakhstan in Vietnam)