In addition to lilies growing naturally by the stream, in recent years, dozens of households in Huong Son commune have grown lilies in concentrated areas, building charming bamboo bridges, creating beautiful landscapes to attract tourists.

In autumn, Huong (Perfume) Pagoda has a peaceful and gentle beauty. This is the best time for everyone to fully enjoy the poetic beauty of this famous landmark.

This is also the season when lilies bloom. The time the lilies are the most beautiful in the day is in the early morning when the fog is still spreading on branches and mountainsides.

From 7am to 9am is the best time to take photos with lilies.

By the poetic stream, many tourists go to visit and take photos

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh from Yen Vy village, Huong Son commune, said that more than a decade ago, the flooded area where a small stream branch turns into Thanh Son Pagoda and Huong Dai Cave was still abandoned, her family reclaimed to grow lotus flowers. However, her family has recently grown lilies instead of lotus flowers.

…and building more bamboo bridges to create beautiful landscapes for visitors to enjoy and take photos.

Apart from that, Ms. Thanh's household also provides boats and costumes for rent and serves lunch with rustic dishes such as grilled snakehead,

... chicken, lettuce vegetable soup and specialties from lilies such as lily salad, lily sour soup.

The rental price for each boat decorated with flowers is 500,000VND.

Currently, Huong Son commune has more than 10 households growing lily in combination with service business and welcoming visitors. Since the development of this model, more and more tourists go to Huong Pagoda in autumn instead of just the three months of spring festival as before, opening up a more efficient economic development direction for the local people./.

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