Armenian Ambassador to Vietnam Vahram Kazhoyan, who started his term in Vietnam in 2019, said that President Ho Chi Minh visited Armenia in July 1959 when the country was a member republic in the Soviet Union.

According to Ambassador Kazhoyan, this historic visit laid the foundation for the future friendship between Armenia and Vietnam.
President Ho Chi Minh during his visit to Armenia in July 1959. In the photo: President Ho Chi Minh stood next to the First Secretary of the Armenian Communist Party SurenTovmasian.
President Ho Chi Minh visited the Gyumush Hydropower Plant in Armenia.
President Ho Chi Minh at the youth camp in Hankavan town. Standing next to him is Mr. Suren Tovmasyan, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Armenia. Mr. Tovmasyan later became Ambassador of the Soviet Union to Vietnam during the period 1961-1964.
President Ho Chi Minh inside the Gyumush Hydropower Plant
President Ho Chi Minh visited the central market in Yerevan (capital of Armenia) and talked with Armenians.
President Ho Chi Minh took a photo with Armenian writers at the Armenian Writers’ Association summer resort, near Lake Sevan.
BTA (Photos provided by Ambassador Kazhoyan)