The house is rated a national relic with precious things attracts both domestic and international arrivals.
The house is of the family of patriotic capitalist Trinh Van Bo, a member of the Communist Party.
The image of revolutionary activities from over 7 decades ago are on showcase at the house.
On the second floor, Uncle Ho and the central level adopted the Declaration of Independence, the organization of the National Day ceremony, and the components of the provisional Government. 
Uncle Ho’s dining table
President Ho Chi Minh’s typewriter
The room on the second floor where Uncle Ho drafted the Declaration of Independence giving birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the first people’s democratic state in Southeast Asia.
The clothes President Ho Chi Minh worn during the National Day ceremony on September 2nd, 1945.
A suitcase made from rattan was used by President Ho Chi Minh at the house.
Uncle Ho’s bed
Uncle Ho’s letter calling for an uprising in August 1945.
Stamps of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam issued in 1945.
Currency of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam issued in 1945.
Over 7 decades have passed by, the precious things in the house are kept original, helping Vietnamese people have a true feeling of the atmosphere on Independence Day.
BTA (Photos: LDO)