Living close to nature, the traditional costumes of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands are simple with delicate colors and healthy patterns.
Highlands regions’ clothes create regional culture imprints.
Traditional costumes of the Ba Na people.
Ede ethnic minority people introduce their culture at Cultural Village Tourism of ethnic groups in Vietnam in Hanoi.
Weaving according to the traditional manual method of Ede people.
The most common features of traditional costumes of ethnic groups in the Central Highlands are red and black, and dark green and white. Together with weaving and embroidery of patterns bearing images close to nature, the costumes become impressive.
Costumes in the Central Highlands are often associated with jewelry such as necklaces or bracelets.
M’Nong costumes
Traditional costume of Pa Co people
Pa Co people wear traditional costumes to preserve their culture and identity.
Xo Dang people with costumes in celebration of new rice harvesting season.