One of the dangerous trails leads to Ngan Chi Forest

Ngan Chi Forest in Vo Ngai Commune is one of the most important watershed forests in the protection forest system in Binh Lieu District. The forest is endowed with a diverse ecosystem with many rich layers of vegetation from small plants living in humid places under the canopies to hundred-year-old trees etc. It is home to many wild animals, birds, reptiles etc.

A good heath condition is nescessary for you to explore Ngan Chi Forest with dangerous trails which offer an exciting experience for those who love adventure tourism combined with sport activities such as off-road driving, hiking, forest trekking etc.

Do Waterfall which is located in the middle of the pristine forest has eye-catching red-color stream rocks. This is also a clear explanation for the name of Do Waterfall. Small waterfalls falling down on the surface of the clear spring create a wonderful experience for stream and waterfall bathing. Futhermore, catching snails, crabs, fish, shrimps also brings an enjoyable feeling.

Snail catching in the stream is an interesting experience

Travelling to Vo Ngai Commune, you can visit Dao ethnic people’s Na Nhai Village to enjoy the life and culture of local people.

Binh Lieu District is bestowed with majestic landscapes

Binh Lieu District is not only well-known for the border roads, beautiful terraced fields in the ripen rice season, So white flower season in the hills etc, but also is an ideal destination for you to immerse in the cool waterfall stream and amazing camping experience./.