At the exhibition (Photo:

The exhibition displays over 3,000 books, newspapers, magazines and exhibits. The exhibition space is divided into two main parts: the first one is for books and newspapers with the theme of the Communist Party of Vietnam in historical periods; Quang Ninh press through provincial Party Congresses; Quang Ninh literature and art; Code of Conduct in Quang Ninh province. The second one includes books, newspapers and exhibits with themes about the Communist Party of Vietnam through congresses; Ho Chi Minh – portray of a person; Quang Ninh today stands out and makes a breakthrough; typical leaders of the Party and the revolution of Vietnam.

In addition, exhibits reflecting press activities serving the Party Congresses through periods, art book-arranging models and some of the content of the Code of Conduct in Quang Ninh province, in order to communicate to a large number of viewers the standards of behavior and communication of the Quang Ninh people were also displayed.

The exhibition aims to widely communicate to officials, party members and all people in the province to be deeply aware of the significance and importance of the organization of the congress as well as improve understanding, awareness, pride and consolidate and foster people's confidence in the Party.

The exhibition will last until September 28./.