A festival in the district (Source: baoquangninh.com.vn)

Also in 2006, along with the operation of the cultural house, the San Chi ethnic Culture and Sport Festival was held at the house campus.  From these initial activities, today most of the ethnic minorities in Tien Yen district have had their own festivals such as the Tay Ethnic Culture and Sports Festival in Phong Du commune, the Dao Ethnic Culture and Sports Festival in Ha Lau Commune, and the San Diu Ethnic Culture and Sports Festival in Hai Lang commune.

In 2017, Tien Yen district put into operation the Center for Ethnic Culture and Sports in the Northeast, on the area of 9.1ha and with a total investment of VND 200 billion.

Visitors were impressed with the cultural gallery of ethnic groups in the Northeast which occupies a large area in the main building of the center. The cultural life of ethnic groups, such as Kinh, Dao, Tay, San Diu, San Chay and Hoa, is vividly shown. The first image that visitors can see is a model of a market of the ethnic minorities in the Northeast, with all the ethnic groups and their products.

There are also daily items of Tay ethnic people; clothes, belts, headscarves, production tools and images that show traditional customs such as ceremonies and traditional wedding rites and funerals. The San Chi, Hoa, and San Diu ethnic cultural displays have distinct features that cannot be confused. The San Diu people have rich traditional cultural activities associated with Tet holidays.

At the end of 2018, the center held the second Culture and Sports Week of Ethnic Groups in Northeastern Quang Ninh province with the participation of nearly 1,500 actors, actresses and athletes from 14 localities in the province, and from Dinh Lap, Cao Loc and Loc Binh districts, Lang Son province.

Also at the end of 2018, Tay Ethnic Culture and Sport Center also started in Phong Du commune, Tien Yen district, where more than 40% of Tay ethnic people live.

On an area of 17,625 square meters, the center is a place for cultural activities of people in the commune and a place where every year after the Lunar New Year, the Dong Dinh Festival takes place. The festival includes typical Tay ethnic people's rituals such as incense offering, worshiping ceremony and Tay ethnic festivals. The events have attracted not only the Tay in Tien Yen district, but also Tay people in the neighboring district of Binh Lieu.

The building of community cultural houses in Tien Yen district has improved the cultural life of local ethnic group in the area, facilitating the preservation and development of ethnic cultural identities in the locality./.

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