Yen Trung Lake - the most favorite destination for tourists

Since Yen Trung Lake Eco-tourism Area has been named in the list of tourism routes and destination of Uong Bi City by Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee, this tourism has been very attractive to tourists.

Acccordingly, in 2018, Uong Bi City focused on upgrading infrastructure around the Yen Trung Lake area, such as installing lighting system, water system, building welcome gate, fence, car park, landscape features including Heavenly Garden, Love Bridge, Vong Nguyet Floor ....

Beautiful wedding photos taken at the tourism site

With the aim of striclty managing illegal business of households around the tourism site, Uong Bi City People’s Committee assigned Yen Tu National Forest and Relic Management Board, Phuong Dong Ward People’s Committee, in coordination with relevent units to check the use of land in Yen Trung Lake area and drastically treat violations.

Uong Bi City People's Committee has made plans to arrange temporary business spaces at a small scale, ensuring the landscape and environment. Currently, tourism business activities around the Yen Trung Lake have been well managed, ensuring order, security and ecological environment.

According to leaders of Uong Bi City, currenlty, the city is calling on investors to invest in tourism business at Yen Trung Lake tourism area to create high quality and attractive tourism products, meeting tourists’ demand. Particularly, special attention has been given to fully exploiting potential and strengths of Yen Trung Lake, contributing to the overall development of Quang Ninh tourism.