Representatives of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the Union of Central Businesses Bloc presented certificates of merits to youth. (Photo:

The event featured 32 speeches with the focus on clarifying contents of the draft Document, as well as affirming the role and responsibility of the Union and youth in the Bloc in building documents of Party Congress at all levels.

According to the speeches, over the past term, the building of a transparent and strong Party Committee has been strengthened and achieved many important results; the leadership role of the Party is increasingly enhanced in policies, thought and morality; the role of the Union in Party building and performing production and business tasks has been promoted.

Thereby, the efficiency of production and business has been improved; jobs and the lives of workers have been continuously guaranteed.

Indicators of governance capacity, competitiveness, application of science and technology, development of high-quality human resources, international economic integration, social welfare and environmental protection all saw positive changes.

The forum also proposed some solutions and specific directions of the Party Committee of Central Businesses Bloc (term 2020-2025) with the focus on continuing to build a transparent and strong Party Committee, improving the leadership capacity and combativeness of Party organization, and speeding up restructuring and renovation.

On this occasion, the Union of Central Businesses Bloc honored 50 typical examples of advanced youth following Uncle Ho’s teachings in the 2018-2020 period. They are good examples of young people in training and striving to dedicate wisdom and enthusiasm to businesses and the community./.