Main entrance of Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs

For Vietnamese students in Pécs, Hungary, we call it a journey of turning a new place into our second home.

Let’s hear two students talking about their experiences here.

So much fun, passion, and sincerity

“My chance to get to know Pécs started with my career search. While I was desperately looking for internship opportunities, I found the International Recruitment Assistant Intern position. I went for it without expecting too much, and I got accepted, to my mom’s happiness and wide smile. Even though I have spent three years abroad for my Bachelor studies, I was still very nervous, just like three years ago.

The day I arrived, Pécs greeted me with nice and sunny weather. As if there was a fortune teller, I felt extremely enthusiastic about my journey in this small city to the South of Hungary. It has basically everything I would need - grocery store, huge shopping malls, budget-friendly restaurants, cultural and natural sites, as well as a public transportation network. If one gets bored by urban life, they could always find their way to the hills for hiking in Pécs. I got used to the life here very quickly because everything was easily accessible and information could be found on the Internet.

That’s about the city. But an experience would not become memories without special people, in this case, my colleagues. They are all from the International Office. Just as the city, they were very friendly, welcoming and they tried to help me a lot both in my job and in my daily life. Would you imagine playing laser tag and having a drink with your managers until 1AM? Would you imagine having your managers as “partner in crime” for your colleague’s secret birthday party? I have grown with many small lessons. I had so much fun there and I learnt a lot about working with passion, caring with sincerity and living with adventures. Thanks to Pécs for the most meaningful summer. And thank you, my colleagues!”, Linh Pham, 22, International Recruitment Assistant Intern, Erasmus+ Traineeship at the University of Pécs.

Linh Pham (black T-shirt) at the Rector’s Office of University of Pécs

I got everything I need

“University of Pécs was my first preference when I applied for Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship. I came here to get my bachelor degree in Business Administration and Management. A special thing is that it offers double degree: one from Hungary and one from the UK. The study programs and all the professors here are great in every possible way.

They not only have Microeconomics, Macroeconomics or some extremely "economics" subjects, but also have some “thinking outside of the box” subjects such as ideation class, competence development class or game of stocks that fully develop my business knowledge both IQ and EQ. The professors here are so caring, patient and more importantly, they are practically knowledgeable by bringing the real-world problems into class discussions with case studies (globalization, Brexit…).

They show us what we are or will be dealing with, while they lead the way. They don't just grade my essays but also give supportive feedback. I was so happy when the professors noticed even the smallest attempts I did in my essays and appreciated those. My student life here is awesome. I joined two organizations for students including AIESEC and ISOBE. I became an International Student Ambassador, representing Vietnam. I registered for The Global Mind volunteer project to help those high school Hungarians raising their English skills and be more open to new cultures. With these experiences, I got many international friends from all over the world. When I'm sick, they are there, take care of me, cook for me and take me to the doctor. I am at home here, in Pécs. I feel like I found the place I belong to. I got everything I need. Good study, good life. I couldn't ask for more”, Trang Pham, 20, Bachelor student, BSc in Business Administration and Management, Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Holder.

Trang Pham at Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs

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