Currently, Vietnam is one of the 10 countries which are severely affected by climate change. The impact of climate change has been greatly affecting the sustainable development not only of Vietnam, but also the whole world.

With the philosophy "Kyosei" - "Living and working for the common good", towards the Sustainable Development Goals initiated by the United Nations, in recent years, a lot of activities and projects launched to join hands with Vietnam in protecting the environment and combating climate change have been successfully carried out. In particular, the project "For a green Vietnam" and the activity "Hand in hand for biodiversity protection" are typical examples.

Photo: Hai Dang

This year, CVN has supported the Ben En National Park to plant an additional 10 hectares of forest, increasing the total area planted there to 170 hectares. At the same time, it also cooperates to carry out biodiversity conservation activities at the animal conservation center of the National Park, such as planting grass to feed deer, caring for animals such as monkeys, turtles, peacocks, and cleaning cages and luminescence.

CVN's project has received high appreciation from local authorities, people and moreover, it spreads awareness to the community in environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, especially among young people - future owners of the country.

According to Mr. Dang Huu Nghi, Director of Ben En National Park, this is the 9th year, his party cooperates with Canon in implementing the planting forest project “For a green Vietnam”, which brought practical effects not only for the local people but also the surrounding areas in regulating the climate, ensuring terrestrial and aquatic life, and especially preserving valuable assets - the forever green islands for all generations.

Moreover, the cooperation in biodiversity conservation will further contribute to the maintenance and protection of the park's biodiversity.

Through these activities, with the cooperation and support of the local government and the Vietnamese Government, the Japanese company believes that the project will continue expanding to contribute for the work of biodiversity preservation and climate change prevention for a better and more sustainable future./.