Instruction of Chatbot 1022 installation

Chatbot 1022, a public service application, has been put into operation since 2018 to automatically provide information on administration procedures and the city’s socio-economic development. Being capable of addressing over 1,000 sets of administrative procedures, the application has reported over 500 interactions per day through different channels such as Facebook messenger and the Da Nang portals on public services.

GO Smart, established with 193 members, consists of Governmental organizations, businesses, academic organizations and individuals coming from 36 cities in 19 countries such as the US, the UK, France, Japan, Singapore, Australia and India.

GO Smart acts as an international network that connects and facilitates communication between governments, organizations and businesses; and fosters cooperation between smart cities by sharing solutions and applications that have been tested across cities.

Since 2019, the GO Smart Award has been organized to honour and encourage the positive sharing of urban renewal between cities and provide opportunities for parties to present their solutions, products or services.

In 2020, 12 products were listed in the final round of GO Smart Award, including Chatbot product for public service of Da Nang city./.

Compiled by BTA