Fulbright University Vietnam (Source: The Archdaily)
The project is part of a 15-hectare flagship campus in the High-tech Zone in District 9, Ho Chi Minh city. The university was designed to serve Vietnamese society through innovative teaching programs and research aimed at supporting Vietnam’s continued development.

According to the Archdaily, the Fulbright University's campus is designed by SHoP after an international competition in 2017 to establish a master plan for the project. The first development phase for the flagship campus is to be completed by 2022 to provide a new home for students. The academic and student life buildings and central lawn form the nucleus of the campus in phase 1, from which Fulbright will expand in subsequent phases. The main gateway building located at the head of the lawn will house a distinctive amphitheater located at center of the space, as well as the student center and library.

Water features play an important role in the landscaping of the Fulbright campus. Rain is a key aspect of life in Ho Chi Minh city and water management is critical to the resiliency of the campus and the project’s goals of environmental stewardship. The Fulbright buildings celebrate this key feature of the local environment, integrating drainage and water reclamation into visible design elements throughout the campus and the landscape.

The university headquarters is built on sustainable standards, meeting LEED standards (GREEN standard in modern architecture, a standard certified by the GREEN Building Association of America) and LOTUS standards (GREEN building standards in Vietnam)./.

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