The two-day event will discuss issues of applying innovation towards sustainability. The first topic: “The planet and our cities - Creativity at the infrastructure level” turns around three areas, including environment (green technology, clean technology, water, sustainability and space); smart city (5G, Internet of Things, real estate, government technology); and mobile and logistics.

While the second topic: “Organizations and our lives - Creativity at the human level” covers three areas, including life science (food, agricultural technology, health, and biotechnology); the future of employment (artificial technology and education technology); and consumer technology (B2C financial technology, e-commerce, travel technology and communication).

On the sidelines, HIS will include exhibitions of products, services, solutions, and technologies of creative startups; trading activities and meetings between domestic and international startups.

Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Science and Technology Nguyen Anh Tuan said that over the past few years, the city has taken much interest in innovation of businesses. It has issued a project to support startup by 2020 with the goal of creating favorable mechanisms and policies to encourage individuals and organizations to establish businesses to boost private economy development. 

The summit is expected to become a bridge, bringing the best pioneers and startups from all over the world to Vietnam to provide multiform look and experiences to Vietnamese startups./.