In the 2015-2020 term, to implement Directive 05-CT/TW, the Quang Ninh Party Committee closely followed the central direction and guidance and creatively applied this in the province’s practice. The Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee directed party committees at all levels to carry out Directive 05 in combination with implementing resolutions of party congress at all levels and political missions of the locality. 

Many organs and units showed their proactive spirit, active selection and determination of implementing the Directive by new methods, good practices; making important contributions to performing socio-economic missions, ensuring national defense and security, and effectively dealing with urgent problems.

The whole province has had 707 collective models and 709 typical individual models in carrying out Directive 05. 

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Truong Hong Thanh, Deputy Secretary of the Party Cell and Deputy Head of the Internal Security Division of the provincial Public Security, said: “Studying and following Uncle Ho, the Party Cell focused on Party building, and arranged and assigned jobs for officers and soldiers logically by promoting their ability.” 

An agricultural economy model in Viet Dan commune. (Photo:

As a result, over the past term, the Internal Security Division always fulfilled all assigned tasks, controlled and effectively faught against oppositional political organizations as well as sabotage and terrorism cases; contributing to maintaining security and political stability in the area.

Studying and following Uncle Ho, the Party Committee of Viet Dan commune in Dong Trieu town has promoted creativity and boosted production to improve the income of local people. Currently, each hectare of cultivated land in Viet Dan earned VND200-500 million, with per capita income reaching more than VND55 million a year; a two fold increase over the previous 5 years. In 2019, Viet Dan was recognized as a new-style rural area.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tien, Secretary of the Viet Dan Party Committee and Chairman of the communal People’s Committee, said: “The Party Committee and authorities are striving to make Viet Dan become a civilized ward, the first model city of Dong Trieu town.”

With new methods; good, practical and effective ways; Quang Ninh has gradually brought studying and following the ideology, morality and style of President Ho Chi Minh into social life. Many action movements were created to improve the ability, responsibility and people-serving attitude of cadres, party members, civil servants and employees.

Ms. Vi Ngoc Bich, Head of the Quang Ninh Party Committee’s Commission for Popularization and Education, said that before the increasing requirements of Party building and rectification, in the near future, the Commission will focus on popularizing and raising awareness and action of cadres, party members and all classes of people on the implementation of Directive 05 in association with realizing Resolution 04 of the provincial Party Committee on training and preserving the quality, morality and style of cadres and party members./.