Goat breeding helps Cham ethnic minority families in Phuoc Nam Commune, Thuan Nam District, Ninh Thuan Province, to escape poverty. (Photo: VNA)

Using a capital of VND75 trillion, the overall goal of the program is to achieve multidimensional, inclusive and sustainable poverty reduction. It will be carried out nationwide, with the focus on poor districts and extremely disadvantaged communes in lowland and coastal areas and on islands.

It targets to reduce the nationwide poverty rate by 1-1.5 percent, by over 3 percent among ethnic minority households, and by 4-4.5 percent in poor districts, per year.

The number of poor and near-poor households is expected to decrease by half by 2025.

All poor districts and communes with extremely difficult conditions in the lowland, coastal areas and islands will receive assistance to invest in upgrading socio-economic infrastructure, serving locals’ livelihood, boosting production and trade, and providing basic social services.

The rate of children from poor and near-poor households going to school at the right age will reach 90 percent, according to the program.

Currently, some areas are still "poor core" areas when the poverty rate is around 50%, such as Muong Nhe and Nam Po Districts (Dien Bien Province); Ky Son District (Nghe An Province), and Dong Van District (Ha Giang Province). Poor ethnic minority households accounted for 61.28% of the total number of poor households in the country by the end of 2020.

The whole country has 81 poor districts and 167 extremely difficult communes in the coastal plains and islands that have not yet escaped from a particularly difficult situation. The majority of poor households, newly escaping poverty, live in rural areas, with livelihoods which are not sustainable, and difficulty in accessing and competing in the labor and job market.

According to the new multi-dimensional poverty line, it is estimated that in January 2022, there are 16.6% of households with income below the minimum living standard, equivalent to 4.473 million households and 17,447 million people. In which, the rate of poor households is 10.83%, the rate of near-poor households is 5.77%./.

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