Residents in a resettlement area in Da Smar commune, Kbang district, harvest maize. (Photo:
Using over VND123 billion from the Government, the province has put aside production and residential land to set up new concentrated resettlement villages, or land in other villages. For 10 concentrated villages, the infrastructure has been completed for 664 families by making 24 hectares of land for new resettlement, reclaiming 29 hectares of land for production, building over 13 kilometres of roads, investing in 10 power constructions, and constructing 21 safe water supply works.

In 94 resettlement villages, in combination with other villages, localities have allocated capital to reinforce and build additional essential constructions to serve ethnic minority people’s demand.

Some new resettlement villages have built up promising production models by planting coffee, pepper and maize./.

Compiled by BTA