The National Hospital for Tropical Diseases
in Hanoi’s outskirts district of Dong Anh has been put under lockdown. (Photo: VNA)

As of May 6 morning, the country’s caseload stood at 3,030, including 1,634 domestically-transmitted cases, according to the Ministry of Health.

Sixty-four cases have been recorded since the latest outbreak hit the country on April 27. The National Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Hanoi’s Dong Anh district, the frontline facility in the COVID-19 fight, has recorded 22 cases in the new outbreak.

As many as 2,560 patients have been given the all-clear. Among the patients under treatment, 24 have tested negative for the coronavirus once, 12 twice and 38 thrice.

A total of 40,736 people are under medical monitoring nationwide, with 560 at hospitals, 21,733 at State-designed quarantine establishments, and 18,443 at home or residences.

The ministry said additional 90,417 people were given COVID-19 vaccine shots on May 5, raising the total number of vaccinated people to 675,956./.


CPV (Source: VNA)