The legal consultancy service helps protect disabled people’s rights and disseminate legal documents among disabled communities. (Photo:
Accordingly, disabled people can send their questions by email to the advisory board for answers, or access the DLaw application which was initiated by a group of disabled students, for learning from others’ experience or studying specific cases.

Nguyen Van Cu, DRD Deputy Director, said that the service aimed to satisfy the great demand for legal consultancy among disabled communities. There are currently over 7 disabled people across the country, and only 0.1% of them study at universities or colleges. “Poor knowledge, and poor economic and health conditions lead to disabled people’s shortages of legal understanding,” he added.

Additionally, disabled people lack effective legal consultancy channels; therefore, the free legal consultancy service will help them have full access to legal information, thus completely realizing their rights and responsibilities, according to Mr. Cu.

The service serves not only disabled people but also their relatives who have legal questions which need to be answered./.

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