Illustrative photo (Source: TDO)

According to Deputy Minister of Health Truong Quoc Cuong, as Hanoi is a densely populated locality with an important position, vaccination plays a very important role in the success of the largest vaccination campaign in history.

He asked the Hanoi CDC to inspect medical devices and equipment for the vaccination before proposing the City People’s Committee allocate more capital for adequate medical devices and equipment for the upcoming vaccination campaign.

“During the preparation, the city should prepare for the possible worst situation,” he stressed.

Truong Quang Viet, Deputy Director of the Hanoi CDC, said that according to the plan, the capital military zone was selected as the vaccine storage unit and has completed the location with a capacity of 1.3 million doses. The CDC Hanoi will coordinate with this unit to distribute and deliver the vaccines during the day to district health centers.

Currently, Hanoi has set up more than 1,200 lines with more than 820 vaccination points in 579 communes, wards and towns. As planned, the city is expected to administer up to 200,000 doses per day.

To achieve the maximum number of injections, the Hanoi health sector needs 1,000 injection lines. The city has reserved 200 more lines available and trained medical staff in charge of vaccination at the whole line to be ready for the vaccination campaign.

Accordingly, the city's health sector will organize fixed and mobile vaccination points throughout the city, together with 100 mobile first-aid teams to respond to possible emergency situations after injection./.

Compiled by BTA