Serious natural disasters reported in central provinces (Photo: NDO)

As natural disasters left serious impacts on people’s lives, together with the drastic action of the political system and society in carrying out rescue and support work, MARD has synchronously implemented solutions to promote and resume agricultural production, earning livelihood for local residents. 

Statistics show that to resume agricultural production, central localities need 5,600 tons of rice seedlings, 225 tons of maize seedlings, and 44.2 tons of vegetable seedlings, together with 560,000 doses of vaccines, 140,000 litres and 105 tons of disinfection chemicals.   

As of November 10, MARD mobilized seedlings, fisheries breeding stock, medicine and breeding medicine worth nearly VND150 billion from organizations, agencies and individuals. 

The ministry has also allocated to central localities 18 tons of maize seedlings, 10.8 tons of vegetable seedlings, 30,000 doses of vaccines, and 60,000 litres and 70 tons of disinfection chemicals. 

It is now making reports to the Government for continued support for resuming agricultural production and stabilizing people’s lives.

Earlier, the National Steering Committee on Natural Disaster Prevention and Control called support from international organizations and embassies in cash and essential goods worth over USD10.18 million./.

Compiled by BTA