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This is a special program that helps people connect with nature through simple experiences at home such as reading books about trees, watching movies about trees and even real experiences such as planting trees and tree care.

Participating in the trip, participants not only have the opportunity to connect with nature, have the opportunity to receive valuable prizes, but also work together to plant special-use forests in the watershed of Ben En. With each experience during the trip, a large indigenous tree will be planted in Ben En National Park in Thanh Hoa province.

With the route of 21 experiences - Love Trees to Love Life is a great opportunity for us to sow seeds of hope for a peaceful new year. The trip includes a series of nature-connecting activities designed from easy to difficult, from raising awareness to changing knowledge, cultivating attitudes, and training skills. Especially, this online journey is organized by Gaia Nature Conservation Center initiated with the goal of encouraging and inspiring a positive life in the early spring days, working together to spread the spirit of love for life and trees, contributing more real trees to Ben En forest during the spring season reforestation in 2022.

Ms. Do Thi Thanh Huyen - Founder - Director of Gaia Nature Conservation Center, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of nature conservation, the creator of the Online Trip to Love Life, Love Trees shared: “On the first day of the year, we often wish each other a healthy, peaceful and happy new year. However, we still forget the practical wishes for ourselves and Mother Nature. 21 days according to many scientific studies show, this is the golden time to build a good habit.”

“Even more wonderful when each of your experiences also means a tree is planted in Ben En National Park. I believe that, going through 21 days with 3 journeys of Sowing - Germination and Budding - You not only have the opportunity to connect with nature, you are also cultivating and taking care of a kind green tree inside," she emphasized.

Contributing to Ben En National Park with Gaia through the campaign is the act of planting and giving more trees to this poor forest. Each participant's experience will correspond to one tree planted in the Ben En forest.

Ben En National Park has more than 3000 hectares of bare land, which needs to be restored into forests. Joining the trip Love Trees to Love Life, the participants have been accompanying Gaia to help restore poor watershed forests, improve forest ecological functions, increase disease resistance, purify the air, and protect water sources, protect the soil, increase crop productivity, create a healthy living environment for wild species./.

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