Hanoi prepares for students to come back to school (Source: NDO)

More than 36,000 students of the 9th grade in 18 districts in Hanoi have returned to school since November 22, with safety ensured and no cases of COVID-19 infection detected at schools over the past week, NDO cited Mr. Dung’s saying.

This is of significant meaning for the city in continuing to expand in-person learning, Dung stressed.

The Hanoi leader said that the Hanoi Party Committee asked the municipal People’s Committee to promptly issue a plan to allow students in grades 10, 11 and 12 as well as students at vocational training centres to return to school.

The plan will be implemented in communes and wards of 30 districts rated as pandemic level 1 and 2 and free of F0 cases in the community for at least 14 days.

Accordingly, senior high school students can return to school from December 6 with top priority given to ensuring the safety of students.

At the same time, the vaccination of students aged 12-15 should be accelerated to soon bring them back to school, while appropriate plans must be prepared to bring all students at all levels to school safely in the near future, Dung added./.