Player Anh Duc (centre, number 11) who makes the goal that leads Vietnam to victory (Photo: VNA)

Before that, goalie Van Lam’s net was shaken at the 70th minute, but the goal for Thailand was ruled out as the referee determined that a host defender had fouled a Vietnamese player. This served as a warning for Vietnam that they needed to cement their control of the middle field.

Midfielders Quang Hai had a spectacular shot at the 80th minute but the ball missed the bar by inches only, much to the regret of spectators both at the stadium and watching the match on TV.

At the 89th minute, Xuan Truong was sent in as a strategic substitute and he proved his value with the corner kick which found Anh Duc’s head. The header was so powerful that the Thai goalie could not block the rebounding ball.

With the score, Vietnam proved that they are reigning champions in Southeast Asia.

King’s Cup is a friendly four-side competition held annually. This year, Vietnam, India, Curacao and the host - Thailand compete from June 5th-8th./.