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The Government leader also assigned the Ministry of Transport to direct increasing the frequency of international commercial flights to welcome experts, investors, highly skilled workers and relatives immigrating to the country and receive Vietnamese citizens.

The ministry will report to Deputy PM Pham Binh Minh and Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam to decide specific flight schedules.

“Each flight must have a plan to prevent the pandemic from spreading to the community, and take initiative in prevention and control measures,” the PM asked.

The Ministry of Public Security was asked to coordinate with the Ministry of Transport to be responsible for directing the rapid release of immigrants at airport border gates, and preventing crowds from gathering for a long time when picking up people entering the country.

The Ministry of Health is responsible for providing Realtime PCR testing to localities and directing testing at quarantine sites.

He urged the quick settlement of procedures to welcome experts, investors, and highly skilled workers to enter Vietnam, reporting to Deputy PM Pham Binh Minh for consideration and decision.

The Prime Minister asked to continue to prepare and well manage centralized isolation, accommodation establishments, and fully implement epidemic prevention; preventing cross-contamination and spread of diseases to the community./.