Non nuoc Cao Bang UNESCO Global Geopark. (Photo: Shutterstock)

The landscape is described as a global geopark with magnificent views of waterfalls, lakes, and diverse plant species.

Non nuoc Cao Bang, founded in 2015, includes nine districts Ha Quang, Hoa An, Nguyen Binh, Tra Linh, Quang Uyen, Trung Khanh, Ha Lang, Phuc Hoa and Thach An, with a total area of 3,072 km2.

The geopark contains traces of 500 million years of the earth’s history. It is the second global park in Vietnam after the Dong Van Plateau Rock Geopark in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang.

Other sites that made the list are Los Glaciares National Park (Argentina), Iguazu Falls (Argentina and Brazil), Great Barrier Reef (Australia), the Great Wall (China), Nubian Monuments (Egypt), and Lavender fields in the Provence region (France)./.