Virtual space exhibition promotes tourism in Thua Thien Hue. (Screenshots)

The virtual space, developed by the Department of Tourism and its technology partner Vietsoftpro Joint Stock Company, can be reached on  or from January 20, 2022.

The space is organized on the virtual exhibition platform (Virtual Exhibition) through online connection. This is a form of organizing exhibitions in the online digital space, in which the entire exhibition space, booths, products and services, and sightseeing activities are held on the 3D virtual online digital space.

The virtual space introduces local destinations, festivals, specialties, tourism products and services in 3D virtual space. Potential products and services will also be introduced via photos, videos and leaflets.

It is divided into different sections including lobby, introduction space, virtual spaces introducing Hue places of interest, exhibition space, hall, and screening space.

The exhibition can be accessed via smart phone, tablet and personal computer. Besides, visitors may learn more about tourism products and services through projectors, 3D interaction or wearing virtual glasses. Using integrated platform, businesses and visitors may join in online meeting, make real-time video call, advertise and promote tourism products.

The department and Vietsoftpro JSC have supported travel firms to register to join the virtual tourism space and interact with customers. So far, more than 90 localities and businesses have registered to take part in the space./.