Delegates at the event. (Photo: VNA)

Accordingly, the Executive Board of the city Party Committee and executive committees at the district level will cut the number of members by about 5% for the 2020-2025 term. As planned, the number of members of the Executive Board of the city Party Committee will be less than 50 while those of the Standing Board will be less than 15 for the 2020-2025 term.

The Da Nang Party Committee has organized a meeting for key staff to thoroughly grasp and implement Directive 35-CT/TW of the Politburo (term 12) on party congresses at all levels, towards to the 13th National Party Congress, and some newly-issued documents of the Party Central Committee.

For contents of party congresses at all levels, it is necessary to well prepare Documents, personnel work and election of executive committees; the time to calculate the age of joining executive committees, authorities, fatherland fronts and socio-political organizations; the structure and number of members of executives committees, members of standing boards and deputy secretaries; the time to organize Party congresses at all levels; and arrangement of staff after the congresses.

Standing Deputy Secretary of the Da Nang Party Committee Vo Cong Tri said that the city Party Committee has built a plan to realize Directive 35 and directed party committees to follow the timetable in accordance with the local reality.

At the meeting, delegates were disseminated Instruction 26-HD/BTCTW of the PCC’s Commission for Organization on contents of Directive 35; Conclusion 55-KL/TW of the Secretariat on continuing to reorganize personnel work to well prepare for party congresses at all levels and the 13th National Party Congress; and Regulation 205-QĐ/TW on controlling power in personnel work./.