281 enterprises achieved “Prestigious Export Enterprise” title in 2021

Tuesday, 06/12/2022 10:17
The Ministry of Industry and Trade has issued Decision 2615/QD-BCT approving the list of 281 “Prestigious Export Enterprises” in 2021.
Among the 281 prestigious export enterprises are 46 seafood enterprises 

The list of prestigious exporters is compiled and announced on the basis of selection and proposals of relevant agencies, selected on the basis of criteria prescribed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on minimum export turnover, business reputation for foreign customers, and fulfilling obligations to the State in the fields of customs, tax and environment.

This is a necessary activity to support Vietnamese businesses to boost exports and expand markets, especially since Vietnam has joined a series of bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements.

Among 281 prestigious exporters in 2021, there are 13 coffee exporters, 26 rubber exporters, 9 tea exporters of all kinds, 46 seafood exporters, 25 rice exporters, 12 cashew nut exporters, 13 pepper exporters, 16 vegetable and fruit exporters, 3 dairy product exporters, 4 handicraft exporters, 2 electric wire and cable exporters, 32 textile exporters, 1 pharmaceutical and medical equipment exporters, 6 phones and components exporters, 4 footwear exporters, 4 confectionery exporters, and 6 computers, electronic products and components exporters

The Ministry of Industry and Trade hopes that prestigious Vietnamese exporters will continue to make efforts and promote their achievements in the coming time to affirm their position in the world business community./.