Dong Thap opens mango and key fruit week

Thursday, 19/05/2022 11:29
The Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap has launched a week to honor mango and key fruit on the e-commerce platform from May 16 to 22.

The opening ceremony. (Photo:

Accordingly, the event mainly takes place on the seashell floor and an e-commerce platform newly established by the province with the domain name “”.

The program aims to help businesses, cooperatives, cooperative groups, associations and farmers to promote digital technology application and access e-commerce channels, thereby facilitating sales, marketing, searching and expanding the market for agricultural products.

In his speech at the event, Mr. Nguyen Minh Duc, Deputy General Secretary of the Vietnam E-commerce Association, said that businesses need to develop local fruit brands and build online media campaigns to spread brand awareness and operate e-commerce business from domestic consumption to online export.

On the sidelines, a conference was held to promote connection, consumption and seek sustainable development of the mango market. Cooperatives, cooperative groups, associations, and farmers and businesses inside and outside the province exchanged and discussed the current production and consumption of mangoes.

Dong Thap now has over 14,000 hectares of mango farming land. In addition to the traditional areas, many inefficient rice production areas have also been converted to mango plantation, concentrated in Thanh Binh, Lap Vo, Chau Thanh and Sa Dec districts.

Currently, about 65% of Dong Thap mango production is exported through enterprises inside and outside the province, while 35% is consumed domestically./.