Girl introudces Quan ho singing performances in English

Thursday, 15/09/2022 16:11
(CPV) - Singer Minh Anh tries to arrange time to go to Hoan Kiem Lake to work as MC to introduce performing arts programs in English so that foreigners can better understand Quan ho singing.
Singer Minh Anh (Right) works as MC to introduce performing arts programs in English at a stage near by Hoan Kiem lake so that foreigners can better understand Quan ho singing.  (Photo: Anh Tuan)

“I only use English when I talk about the origin of the song, and the stories surrounding that song. I will never translate Quan ho into English. As long as I have the opportunity to sing, I will continue to introduce Quan ho singing to the world," Minh Anh excitedly shared.

The performance is held every Friday evening at at area of the Hanoi winter 1946 relief next to Dong Xuan market.

On the occasion of National Day (September 2), the non-profit project "Den hen lai len" (run by a group of students from Hanoi city and the northern Bac Ninh province) officially opened the first Quan ho singing performance at the area of the Hanoi winter 1946 relief, next to Dong Xuan market.

At 19:00, when the street became more and more bustling, members of the project arrived in Hanoi and urgently prepared for the performance.

In front of the relief, the technical arrays have been prepared with loudspeakers on both sides of the road and yellow lights shining directly on the stage. The stage is actually just a carpet spread out on the sidewalk, very simple and close to the singing place that the project wants to promote Quan ho singing to all audiences.

Minh Anh is really happy when performing quan ho folk songs (Photo: Anh Tuan)

Behind the scenes, female singers helped each other put on clothes, hairpins and wear a scarf, while male singers helped each other to refine their Ao dai.

More and more people were curious and eager for a special Quan Ho performance. Old people arranged their seats in the front row, children ran around the stage, while others took photos.

The performance started at 20:00, the singing seemed to overwhelm everything, all attention was directed to the sweet and graceful melodies of Kinh Bac.

Notably, the performance by singer Minh Anh, head of the project, and singer Thu Trang, deputy head of the project, was appreciated by audiences.

Growing up in a family with both parents in Bac Ninh, with the skillful, ingenious and dedicated guidance of artist Xuan Lan, Minh Anh quickly fell in love with Quan ho singing. For the first time, in April 2015, she stood on the stage of Do Temple, performing Quan ho song with singers in a Quan ho singing club. In the summer of 2015, she was the youngest actor to participate in the folk singing festival organized by the Voice of Vietnam.

In 2015, Minh Anh was present on the Quan ho stage singing in the program "Playing musical instrument and singing to each other” on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Voice of Vietnam. At that time, Minh Anh was the youngest member (9 years old).

The luggage brought to Minh Anh's international science competition in Malaysia in 2018 includes a special conical hat. Introducing to international friends on the big stage that Quan ho singing is the cradle that nurtures the soul of her and Vietnamese children, she was also proud to be Vietnamese, the place where many folk songs are produced and preserved, folk singing that was recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage./.