Number of businesses returning to operation rises 15.2% in November

Tuesday, 30/11/2021 14:31
Newly-established enterprises in November witnessed increases of nearly 47% in number, 38% in registered capital and 30% in number of workers, reported the General Statistics Office (GSO).

Photo for illustration. (Source: VNA)

Besides, the number of businesses returning to operation this month also increased by 15% compared to the previous month.

Specifically, the country had 11,900 newly-established enterprises in November with registered capital of nearly 150 trillion and 76,600 workers. At the same time, more than 4,900 businesses resumed operation.

Thus, since the beginning of the year, the whole country has 105,600 newly-established enterprises with a total registered capital of 1.45 quadrillion VND, with a total number of employees of 784,000 people, down 15%; nearly 23% and 19% respectively compared to the same period last year.

Along with 2.2 quadrillion VND of additionally registered capital of ongoing enterprises, approximately 3.7 quadrillion VND was added to the economy in 11 months, down 26% year on year.

In addition, the economy also recorded 40,500 enterprises returning to operation, down 0.7% year on year, bringing the total number of enterprises entering the market in 11 months to 146,000 enterprises, down nearly 12% year on year.

Thus, the country witnessed an average of 13,300 businesses registering for new establishment and returning to operation a month.

In the 11 months, 52,000 enterprises suspended operation for a definite term, up 17.3% year on year, and nearly 39,500 enterprises stopped operation to wait for dissolution procedures, up 17.4%, and 14,900 enterprises completed dissolution procedures, down nearly 4%./.